SAJA licensing deal with Novartis

Licensing deal with Novartis SAJA announced signing a contract on 15th December 2015 at SAJA headquarter with Novartis AG to launch SAJA first anti diabetic drug (Jalra® and Jalra M®) as a second brand of Novartis AG blockbuster

SAJA plant strategic expansion

SAJA plant Expansion phase shall end up in the first quarter 2017; This strategic expansion is going to leverage SAJA capabilities in the pharma products production as well as the secondary and primary packaging facilities that makes SAJA

SAJA licensing and manufacturing cooperation with Sanofi

Licensing and manufacturing cooperation with Sanofi SAJA announced signing a contract in December 2015 with Sanofi to launch the premium anti diabetic drug (Vivaro ®)  as a second brand  of Sanofi blockbuster (Lantus®).

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