Daiichi-Sankyo Co. Ltd.

Daiichi Sankyo is the No. 3 in Japan and number 25 worldwide with net sales of $ 8.15 billion in 2015 and it has a solid reputation as a leader in research based medicine.


Daiichi Sankyo is investing ¥190.7 billion ($ 1.69 billion) in 2014 that enriches the R&D pipeline with various and seamless candidate products.


Daiichi-Sankyo pipeline is very rich in products that are candidates to be blockbusters in cardiology such as Olmesartan and Prasugrel, with their unique profile in the treatment of hypertension & CVS diseases.

Loxoprofen another star product in the Rheumatology field that has many advantages over the available ones in the market place.

SAJA’s Japanese partners are continuously developing new medicines for the people of the world. And thanks to SAJA distribution network in Saudi Arabia and MENA , they are available in the region .