SAJA plant is designed and built in strict accordance with Japanese standards and specification.

These standards and specifications are complying with the current international standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).


Production Dosage Form

Tablet and Capsule.


Production Area

Manufacturing area for Tablet and capsule.

Automated primary and secondary packaging area

Dedicated area for manual secondary packaging.



Entrance to the manufacturing area requires the use of lint-free uniform.


100% Inspection

Inspection is an important process to ensure the quality of the end product by checking the physical appearance.

Today SAJA  is performing 100% inspection on its tablets and capsules.


Production Machines

Production machineries and equipment are from worldly known and reputable pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers

Machineries are maintained according to Original Equipment Manufacturers OEM recommendation to keep machine performance up at all times

Communications with the (OEM) are maintained to get prompt after sales services and only OEM parts are used.

Production machineries are regularly upgraded to meet the current local & international regulations.


Double Door air shower

It’s a cleanroom entry systems decontaminate workers and products entering a cleanroom environment.


RAW Material

For the partners’ products (Brands), Raw materials come directly from  the partners manufacturing site.

For SAJA brand generics, Raw materials come from only certified – high quality sources.

For both brands’ and generics’ raw materials, the required test is performed at SAJA factory to ensure the quality of the raw materials.

Before registering any SAJA generic product in SFDA, a bioequivalence study by FDA certified center conducted to ensure the efficiency of the product. (This to be moved to R&D part)


Quality Management System QMS

SAJA Quality system is implemented through a series of quality assurance procedures and work instructions, The Quality System demonstrates, through objective evidence, conformance with cGMP to provide the necessary controls , to maintain and to improve quality in purpose to fulfill the customer’s requirements .


QMS is supported by training programs to ensure all personnel understand and practice the Quality System requirements .


SAJA Senior Management is committed to Quality and it’s applications  in all the company processes  starting with the materials procurement from pre-qualified and approved suppliers , transferring technology of the developed products  till the secured distribution of finished products to SAJA customers.


As a result, Proudly SAJA had Zero product recall since SAJA started production in 2000.


EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) is a significant part of SAJA business. SAJA’s EHS Management System is risk- based approach to comply with legal and ethical requirements to adopt positive EHS culture and business continuity.


SAJA EHS Management System is committed to minimize and reduce operational risks via several means which are but not limited to the following items: EHS Risk Management programs, Training and Awareness, consultation and communication, Accident/Incident investigation, environmental protection and safe handling of disposing of industrial waste.


R&D in SAJA is committed to transfer the latest technology from SAJA partners in Japan and Europe to produce state of the art quality products as well as prepare the new brand generics to be produced by the Japanese standards in the factory.

R&D in SAJA is responsible for the pipeline products which are the corner stone for SAJA future expansion.

SAJA pipe lines shall move the company for new therapeutic areas that will strengthen the company position in the market.